blending health and happiness

green smoothie

SUPER food


Coconut Oil

Omega 3 oil

Hemp seeds

Chia seeds

Goji Berries

Flax seeds

Bragg’s liquid Aminos

Apple Cider Vinegar (raw)






1. Eat lots of fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and dark leafy greens. (at least 8 servings per day)


 2. Exercise. (at least 20 minutes per day)


 3. Drink water. (6- 8 oz glasses per day)


 4. Avoid processed sugar and fake sugar. (replace with honey, maple syrup, stevia) and never drink soda.


 5. Avoid or limit red meat. (red meat is bad for the gastrointestinal, limit to once per week or replace with free range poultry and fish)


 6. Avoid dairy.  (dairy creates mucus and digestive issues and contributes to disease) Replace with Goat milk/cheese or yogurt.


7. Avoid fried foods. (replace with grilled, steamed, baked or raw)


8. Eat 80% alkaline 20% acid diet. (highly acidic bodies create disease)


9. Eliminate caffeine and alcohol or enjoy in moderation. (too many stimulants will tax the adrenal glands, causing poor health)


10. Avoid preservatives. (Read all food labels and do not buy products containing: Sodium Nitrate, BHA, BHT, Propyl Gallate, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Trans Fats, Food Coloring-especially- Red 3, Green 3, and Yellow 6. Olestra, Potassium Bromate, Aspartame, NutraSweet.


 11. Replace white foods (flours, breads, rice and pastas) with whole grains, brown or wild rice.


 12. Live with gratitude, laughter and love.



SUPER food


Consume an abundant amount of these cancer fighting spices daily to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. They taste amazing too.


Garlic (antibacterial/antiviral, anti inflammatory, immune boosting, cancer prevention)


Cayenne peppers ( blood circulation, anti inflammatory, sinus relief, pain relief)


Ginger (Anti inflammatory, anti motion sickness, gastrointestinal relief, immune booster)


Cinnamon (Anti bacterial, brain tonic, blood sugar stabilizer, cancer prohibiter.


Turmeric (Anti inflammatory, infection and cancer fighting)